The Bajzek Group

How we can help our clients:

Communication is a key factor in the performance of any company. A good website can improve your communications with your existing customers, and with those who have not yet become your customers. Likewise, having your internal information online means that it is available to your employees wherever and whenever they need it.

Many companies have internal business practices that are not always followed faithfully, or that may be difficult to track or measure in a timely manner. In many cases, web-based apps can help standardize, track, and measure these processes to better a company's performance. Most companies have accounting and payroll programs that assure compliance with regulations and policies, and have websites to support marketing and sales. However, many companies track service calls, customer interactions, personnel reviews, facilities maintenance, and other daily functions on paper, spreadsheets or possibly by email, so that performance and accountability are difficult to measure and enforce.

We have experience applying technology to help companies facilitate and manage these diverse business activities.

We have also worked as a subcontractor to other developers using technical and media skills, such as Actionscript coding and multimedia development capabilities.


How we work with our clients:

When we work with our clients, we try to become part of the team to truly understand the practical issues and the context of the business problems to be solved. We prefer not to expect our clients to develop a completely detailed specification addressing every nuance of a problem solution, as most small to mid-size companies do not have the resources to do that. Furthermore, it is notoriously difficult to construct a complete specification for an application prior to experiencing its use. We prefer to work with our clients to build a prototype that can be molded into a more complete solution with the benefit of experiencing the application in actual use. This benefits both developers and company users.


We have developed a suite of intranet-based applications for a systems integration company that handles internal processes ranging from pre-sales tracking of engineering and design tasks, to tracking of internal IT support issues, to materials handling of inventory items.

We have built an intranet user management system that enables our client to manage user logins for the intranet along with role-based privileges for users to manage their use by department, and by individual duties and responsibilities.

We have built data-driven applications that administer educational lessons for early readers.

We have built a distributed image library management system that is able to provide access to and display of images from a geographically distributed library of well over 100,00 images.

We like to build web applications to deal with practical business issues, along with the websites that house them. We are interested in and experienced with applications that have some sort of multimedia component. We have experience building mobile apps and deploying them in app stores (particularly for iOS devices). We are able and accustomed to providing hosting for our clients, although that is not a requirement on our part.


  • Web design & development
  • Web application development
  • Mobile application development
  • Multimedia development
  • Web hosting/email hosting
  • E-commerce
  • Technology management
  • Technical expertise/capabilities
    • Server-side
      • PHP
      • Perl
      • MySQL
    • Client-side
      • HTML/CSS
      • Javascript/JQuery
      • Actionscript (Flex/Flash/Air)

About us

Family-based team of technologists with broader backgrounds
Technology/network/business management
Educational technology/multimedia


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